Magic and Magical cases: an exhibition in an industrial space.

A part of subverting conventions for me is animism and play (which is super animistic); I believe in letting things act on people instead of the other way around so when given these materials and the space to work with for an open installation in an old industrial tank in Djúpivogur I attempted to interpret them together and find a narrative.

Objects bare witness to history, often far longer then people live, and they are often our main source of information when interpreting the past -in this work old, ordinary and absurd objects get together to tell their collective story.

Prophecies, fairy tales, facts... what can these things tell us?

Like most of my work this boils down to curating and archiving just as much as it does creating new things, where objects, what's already there leads me in my process.

The title is the English translation of 'Galdrar og Galdramal' which appears on the cover a book featured 

in the installation, in English 'Case' takes on a double  meaning allowing more interpretation on behalf of the viewer. Do the posters, papers and books contain records of old magical cases or are the display cases themselves magic...?

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