A Linux 98 Installation guide, Installed in various physical spaces. 2014 - 2016.

Book installation. I was captivated by the 'outdated-ness' of tech-book. This project emphasizes the physicality of the printed book and plays with the word 'installation' which has a double meaning.
Bathroom floor.

The installation seen here  was created from a book being sold for 1 sgd  at my school's library during my studies at Lasalle College of the Arts. This detail was important to me during that time since I saw this as a sort of rescue/recycling of "abandoned" material, giving it new life through art (and I suppose it is that to a degree). The idea of visual poetry, the mysterious, "artsy" quality the printed word takes following the book's deconstruction, and the very LITERAL(get it; literal-literary?) WORDPLAY was also a big thing for me I remember -  I though I was being pretty funny, I'm not going to pretend that wasn't a big part of it. However, something about this concept always stuck with me, and I now see that this work was incomplete, conceptually anyway.

In the years following my graduation I kept making paper "beaks" or "Goggar"(this is what these things are called in Icelandic), compulsively, at my working class service job, at school when I attained my Japanese degree. Always reflecting on what it was that was so fascinating to me about this until, in  2023, I returned to the concept in 'I don't know, I just had to' 

More of my thoughts are included with the write up of that project.

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