Saga Unnsteins. Born 1992. Icelandic but internationally based. Educated in Visual Art at FB, Reykjavik, Iceland (2012), and Lasalle Collage of the arts, Singapore (2016).

A working-class artist. Multiple disciplines and mediums,  invested in the idea of boundary breaking, hierarchy, in nature and the social world, and the idea of animism (or the inherent value of things).


Within each object, place or person already exist the means of resistance and subversion - a world of contradiction. 

A utopia created from the banal.

In my work my aim to embrace that contradiction - exploring the hidden worlds found between the borders, boundaries and hierarchies I see everyday.

Art and life. Trash and art. The magical and the mundane. 



Spring of 2012, Saga takes part in FB Breiðholt Collage graduation show @ Brym, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Winter of 2012, Saga graduates from FB Breiðholt Collage, with a Icelandic Students Prof in Visual Arts.

Summer of 2012, Saga has her first solo show of acrylic paintings @ Cafe Valný, Eigilsstaðir, Iceland.

Summer of 2014, Saga has two separate solo shows:
'Gluggi; Myndlistar sýning' @ Sláturhúsið,Eigilstöðum, Iceland.
'Anxiety art show' @ Hitt Húsið, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Summer of 2015, Saga has one solo show  'Book art, prints and paintings ' @ Langabúð, Djúpivogur, Iceland.

Winter 2015, Saga participates in two group exhibits
'Winstet one night' a one night event showcasing works by Lasalle Fine arts Students (BA level 2 & 3)  @ Lasalle Collage of the arts' Winstet Campus, Singapore.
'50 Obsession' @ Lasalle Collage of the arts' Winstet Campus, Singapore.

Spring 2016, Saga participates in the 'Work in progress' Lasalle graduate group show @ Praxis space, Lasalle Collage of the art, Singapore.
As well as 'The Lasalle Show', with other graduating students @ Project Space, Lasalle Collage of the arts, Singapore.

Summer 2016, Saga has a solo exhibit 'Magic and Magical cases' displaying a single installation of the same title in an Industrial space, @ Djúpivogur, Iceland.

Autumn 2016, Saga graduates from Lasalle Collage of the arts with BA honorary in Fine Arts. 

Summer 2017, Saga had a second drawing exhibition 'It took a lot of work to get this calm' @ Langabúð, Djúpivogur, Iceland.

Autumn 2017, Saga stayed for a month long artists residency for October @ Studio Kura. Which concluded with the exhibition 'Bitten by a radioactive artists' on the 28th of October @ Studio Kura, Itoshima, Japan.

Summer 2018, Saga's intsllation 'Bitten by a radioactive Artists 2' was featured in 'Nr. 2 Umhverfing' @ Sláturhúsið, Egilsstaðir, Iceland.

Autumn 2018, Saga hosts 'I'm not afraid of being alone' art show @ Gallerí Tukt, Reykjavík, Iceland.
Saga takes part in 'Itoshima Arts Farm' festival during a month long residency @ Studio Kura,  Itoshima, Japan.

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