Icelandic born multi disciplinary artist. Been known to make spiderwebs, Illustration, book art. Across art forms investigating boundaries and hierarchies, particularly between the natura (ecology)l and social world, human societies. Art as natural processes and impulses. Beyond 'participation' Art is being.


A spider does not actually make webs to catch flies. It does not do it either to make itself a home. The spider web can do and be those things, but the truth is, even if the spider was in such a place that it's web could not catch flies, or -whatever reason- the would be useless as residence, the spider would still weave it.
My Art is that to me. Art cannot be reduced to use-value or any other simple thing. It is the artist's drive, it is something we do for no reason and for every reason. Beyond 'participation' Art is being.

In my art I am, in short, interested in tying things together, the ecological and the social world. I experience the artists process as an animal impulse, I imagine many do, like a spider who catches no flies -  she is there because it is in the blood. Changing her surrounding, the world around her and herself.


/selected exhibitions (and other projects)

‘Göt & Lök'

A series of book art begun at the Varmahlíð Artists in Residency in Hveragerði, Iceland. Repurposing materials destroyed by a rabbit, making books from them. 

26. February -11. March 2021 (residency, the project is ongoing).

‘How I sleep at night'

Exhibition at the end of a month long Residency at Studio Kura and part of ‘Itoshima Arts Farm’ Art Festival, Itoshima, Japan.

20. October 2018 - 28. October 2018.

‘Nr. 2 Umhverfing’

Group exhibition of regional artists in Sláturhúsið, Fljótsdalshérað, Iceland.

17. June 2018 - 7. September 2018.

‘Bitten by a radioactive artist’ 

Exhibition at the end of a month long Residency at Studio Kura. 

26. October 2017 -28.  October 2017.

'Galdrar og Galdra-mál; Art show in an industrial space

Installation in the tank, 'Tanknum', Djúpivogur, Ísland.

14. August 2016 - 1. September 2016.


University of Iceland — MA, Exhibition Making, Mediation and Curatorship. 

August 2021 - [incomplete as of now]

University of Iceland — BA, additional degree in Japanese Studies.

August 2018 - 2020.

Lasalle College of the Arts - BA Hons in Fine Art.

August 2013 - September 2016.

FB Fjölbraut Breiðholt College — Icelandic Stúdents Próf in Visual Art.

January 2010 - December 2012.

Additional Experience and Awards:

/additional experiences / awards:

Selected to participate in Varmahlíð Artistin Residency, Hvergerði, Iceland, to work on the project 'Göt og Lök'.

26. February -11. March 2021 

Received a travel grant and scholarship from the Watanabe Trust Fund at the University of Iceland for a month long summer program at Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka, Japan.

21. May 2019.

Awarded the 'Special Award' from the Japanese Embassy in Iceland for the University of Iceland Japanese Speech competition.

1. April 2019.
Took part in the 'Itoshima Arts Farm Art Festival 2017' and Studio Kura Artists Residency, Itoshima, Japan.
1. -  31. October 2018 and 1. - 31. October 2017.

Worked as a receptionist for the Chinese European Art Center(CEAC) ‘The Rolling Snowball’ exhibition in Djúpavogi, Iceland, summer 2018, 2016 og 2014.


Íslenska, English, 日本語.

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