Following the death of my rabbit Pétur in November of 2020 I submitted an application to participate in the Varmahlíð Artists in Residency with a project 'Göt í Lök' (Holes in sheets).

Using/ up cycling fabrics (mostly bedding and sheets) that my beloved pet had thoroughly destroyed I spent two weeks in the beautiful and striking landscape of Hveragerði working on how I could appropriate these materials and give the truly special animal a fitting tribute.
The result is an ongoing book-art project, binding books with the damaged sheets as a cover. Some are blank, some are personal  journals featuring writings, comics and illustrations.

The 'rabbit holes' mean a couple of things to me, they are his contributions to the work -he may have been a non-human intelligence but I think we made this together just like we lived together. The 'holes' in the sheets and pillowcases are also like a passage, like a literal rabbit hole, where burrowed his way and left this world to somewhere else.

Pétur was a rabbits, he was very destructive to property, a force of nature that -like death- I as a human can only attempt to mend things and make meaning of it. It is futile effort however, or so I think.
I find that aspect rather humorous but beautiful as well, in a dark sort of way anyway.

I dedicate this to Pétur he was a funny little creature, I loved him very much. And I am incredibly greatful for the opportunity to work at Varmahlíð on something as personal during a year I was sure I'd be stuck at home.

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