Following the death of my rabbit Pétur in November of 2020 I submitted an application to participate in the Varmahlíð Artists in Residency with a project 'Göt í Lök' (Holes in sheets). Using/ up cycling fabrics (mostly bedding and sheets) that my beloved pet had thoroughly destroyed I spent two weeks in the beautiful and striking landscape of Hveragerði working on how I could appropriate these materials and give the truly special animal a fitting tribute. The result is an ongoing book-art project, binding books with the damaged sheets as a cover. Some are blank, some are personal  journals featuring writings, comics and illustrations.

There is something about these tears and holes I find very dramatic. In my proposal I likened them to a rabbit's hole - that the little creature dug, leaving this world to somewhere else. There is alos, in the aftershock of dealing with Pétur's illness and eventual death, everything is torn up, literally materially speaking - rabbits can be very destructive to property, but also me emotionally - as I am sure anyone who has lost a pet will relate to.

I dedicate this to Pétur and consider the work to be our collaboration. The animal and natural destruction (and death) and human, of mending things, crafting and writing things, making meaning of the destruction.

Pétur was a funny little creature, I loved him very much. And I am incredibly greatfulfor the opportunity to work at Varmahlíð on this personal during a year I was sure I'd be stuck at home.

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